•  Meal Plans, Challenges, Education, Worksheets, Templates, and Guides
  •  Emotional Eating Recovery Workbook and Baby Step Principles
  •  Hypothyroidism Guides and Education
  •  Power Foods Detox for Organs and Digestive Tract
  •  Carb Cycling Approaches
  •  Ketosis Approaches
  •  Intermittent Fasting Approaches
  •  Moderate Weight Loss Approaches
  •  Muscle Gains Approaches
  •  Fitness Competitor Body Creation Approaches
  •  Vegan/Vegetarian Approaches
The Body Buddies Master Nutrition Book contains over 75 Full Meal Plans for every body shape, size, and goal! If you have a certain health condition that needs low carb (keto), we have it! If you need to gain muscle, we have those plans too! Need more energy at work or to combat depression? We have those plans! Not only that, but the Master Nutrition Book has over 8 full-length 4-12 week Challenges to keep you excited and moving forward with your efforts in health!
Simple To Follow
Grocery Lists * Cooking and Prep Instructions * Seasoning Suggestions * Indulgence Meals* Meal Timing
Metabolism Repairing
Builds the Body's Natural Hormones * Stimulates Release of Fat * Nourishes Hair, Skin, and Nails * Natural All-Day Energy
Brain Boosting
Nourishes & Protects Brain Health * Fights Against Inflammation * Boosts Immune System * Enhances Wellbeing
Check Out the Table of Contents
Is the Master Nutrition Book Right for YOU?
  •  Would you like to lose weight?
  •  Do you want more natural energy all day long?
  •  Would you like to tone your muscles?
  •  Are you ready to decrease your aches and pains?
  •  Would you like to reduce, if not eliminate, headaches?
  •  Are you tired of digestive distress and bloating?
  •  Would you like to reduce the prescriptions you're on?
  •  Are you ready to feel at peace with food?
If you answered 'YES' to at least three of the items above, THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU!
Letter From #CoachKristyJo
Dear Body Bud,

It's your time to shine. And no, I don't mean in the sense that it sounds cliche', but in the sense that I see the greatness within you. So yeah, you truly CAN shine as you unlock yourself from the thoughts and habits that are binding that light.

The journey of your life in this mortal body can be one of great frustration. I know it, because I've been there. My 25-year long obsessions and disorders, however, became the breakthrough point for now thousands of people as I bulldozed my way to solutions.

Real solutions. Not the diet-like solutions of "hold your breath and don't blink while you follow this plan, deprive, deprive, deprive, and maybe you'll be happy one day," but the kind that feel like you're coming home.

Initially, any change in the way you eat CAN feel "diet-y." So I urge you not to go too hard too fast. This is why COACHING is one of the most critical game-changers for so many of the women I work with. But I don't want you to think you have to get coached (though I'll give you a discounted one-time call on the backside of your ordering the Master Nutrition Book) to find the right approach for you.

[THE RAW TRUTH] I don't WANT to have clients for life. Every business person who ever consulted me told me my business would FAIL because I was teaching people how to do this on their own. So where is the "lifetime customer value?" Where is the "long-term profits?"

I shake my head and smile because I'm not after your money (though there is a monetary cost for an exchange of goods and information, a well as my software I use to bring this page to you right now).


And please, oh please know this--transformation can take place 100% on the inside of your body in your happiness, your confidence, your organ function, brain health, digestive relief, and emotional freedom from food.

That's the mission I'm on as I have already broke through what Body Buddies needed to make happen in my own life. In fact, I have tears in my eyes as I'm writing this letter to you as I'm just so ... grateful. Grateful that God granted me this opportunity to heal myself through the work I've done with so many thousands of you beautiful daughters of His.

So now, at long last, I'm bringing to you the Master Nutrition Book for your own Home Study and use for the rest of your life. This book will give you access to the greatest part of the Body Buddies Nutrition collection since I began coaching women to improved health, aesthetics, and confidence in 2012.

I know there is a lot of information in it, and it's not meant to be something you read through all the way. Rather, use the Table of Contents to find the training and resources YOU need for where you're at in your life. If you are a frequent listener of the Body Buddies Podcast and watch the YouTube channel as well, this should the the LAST Diet and Nutrition Book you'll ever need to buy in your life.

It's your turn. Let's do it together. Take the speed that is right for you, just DO NOT GIVE UP.
The journey is supposed to be messy--that's what makes it beautiful.

Love your bud,
Frequently Asked Questions
Does The Master Nutrition Bible Include the Power Foods Lifestyle Recipe Books?
No. The Recipe Books can be purchased with the Paperbook Education Book and Audio Book at, or as a la carte purchases at
To Be Successful, Do You Need to have Read The Power Foods Lifestyle Before Starting?
I definitely encourage it as the approach and metodologies will make SO much more sense to you, but you can absolutely see great changes in your body and health by only following the plans. I hope that someday you will expand your understanding by reading the book and listening to the podcast. Education is POWERFUL.
Where can I find your Podcast you refer to so much in the Master Nutrition Book? has all the information to access the podcast on your Smart Phone.
How Can I Contact You For Coaching?
Please visit the Coaching page of the Body Buddies website and submit your Enrollment form. If you still have questions about Coaching after reviewing all the information on that page, please send me an email at
Are There Any Refunds?
No. All purchases are final.