HI! I'm #CoachKristyJo, and I want to show you in these next 8 weeks How You Can EASILY
Here are just a few recipes that our Body Buddies absolutely love:
"Oregano Chicken"
"Burrito in a Bowl"
"Strawberry Smoothie"
"Yam Yum Muffins"
And Two Parts of the Challenge that People Say Helps them the MOST:
Here's One of the Abs Programs You'll be Getting:
You'll also get Over $100 in Bonuses! Boo-Yeah!
Master Your Sugar Cravings Webinar
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Grocery Stores & Labels Webinar
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Food Exchanges & Macros Webinar
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Free Recipe Book!
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Power Foods Lifestyle Info Pack!
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Accountability Workbook!
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Dining Out &
Fast Food Guide!
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$99 (one-time payment)
$59 (two easy payments monthly)
$35 (four easy payments bi-weekly)
That's only $1.77 a day for MORE than you could ever afford with a Dietitian, Personal Trainer, or Mindset Coach! 
Here Are All The Incredible Tools I've Made For You That You'll Have INSTANT ACCESS to Once You Sign Up.
You will have a different meal plan for each week of the Challenge. Your meal plan will have 6 small meals per day broken down with fast-grab meal ideas and the nutritional strategy behind it. Adaptations are very possible and explained for more/fewer calories.
You will have 3 new recipes to try with each week of the Challenge. These aren't just ANY recipes--they're delicious, easy-to-make, and extremely strategic recipes that fit the nutritional strategy of the meal plans. This is key to balancing your blood sugar to increase energy and blast fat!
Download the FULL weekly workout progression program--you will have a new program every 2 weeks or a total of 4 full programs. There is a version for Home and a version for Gym . Each program has a thorough video explanation so you know EXACTLY what to do!!
Each exercise on the program has a video demonstration that you may view on the Online Portal. This makes it easy to watch the exercise first  and ensure you do it with proper form and mental focus before doing it. Focus improves results!
Every answer is provided when it comes to the BEST vitamins and supplements to be taking, which protein powder to use on the plan (not necessary but makes it easy!), and other answers for frequently asked questions! No rock is left un-turned in this program!
The workout programs focus on HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) with a new program for every 2 weeks. A longer Steady State cardio day is optional each week. Use any piece of equipment and get ready to blast through those stubborn layers of body fat using the latest science of exercise!
The Online Portal hosts all of your meal plans, workout plans, podcast training, and coaching calls. The Online Portal makes the weeks available to you as the time passes so you don't get super overwhelmed seeing it all at once! It also provides a direct link to the Facebook Group!
Get a Systematic Growing Knowledge of  Strategic Nutrition, Fitness, and Mindset with a new podcast episode homework assignment each week as well as a Coaching Call! The Coaching Calls are what make ALL the difference in you sticking this out and finishing!
I designed this 8-week Challenge to:

1) help you find the Right Approach for YOUR BODY.

2) find motivation & perspective To TREAT Yo'SELF!

3) give you a focused amount of time to create new habits!

If you're like me, you  I don't believe in Starvation Diets. 
You detest FOREVER-long workouts, and you absolutely HATE programs that make you buy certain products in order to complete the challenge.  

Body Buddies is here for YOU--the result of my own frustrations in the gym and nutrition & FINALLY figuring out the formula that worked for me--and now THOUSANDS of others as well! (We're all Body Buds now--yay!) . . .  Like, actual science, psychology, and strategy.
You know, the stuff that actually WORKS.

There is nothing magical about it (that is, until you apply it and see the changes in your body--then you really DO feel like it's magic!).
  •  DETOX YOUR BODY DAILY with your new way of eating!
  •  OVERCOME A SLUGGISH METABOLISM with the strategies I have inside!
  •  BUILD PERSONAL CONFIDENCE as you master the art of mindset like I'll teach ya!
  •  ENJOY BETTER MOODS with this incredible method to maximize nutrient absorption!
  •  BUILD FRIENDSHIPS & SUPPORT as we bond in our Facebook group to help each other!
Let me take you by the hand to help you learn the INs and OUTs to find the answers to your nutrition, fitness, and mindset obstacles.

Before I started all of this, my goal was to look like the girls in the magazines. I believed that would make me happy and feel I was worth something. So . . . I finally DID figure that out and get there, only to find it was EMPTY. It didn't change anything in the way I felt about myself.

So what DID change the way I felt about myself? Making these principles and strategies more well-rounded, and focused around MINDSET changes. I had to learn how to think differently, talk differently, and strategize my every day choices.

It's been a huge journey--the hardest thing I've done in my life--but I'm so grateful for what it's created. My health evolution has positioned me to be a voice of not just optimality in nutrition and fitness, but a voice of PSYCHOLOGY when it comes to deciding what's best for us. You see, we all have to learn how to do things in our life differently if we really wish to make that ever-elusive "change."

So . . . let's not be foolish here. I'm not here to sell you some quick-fix or gimmick. I'm not here to do anything other than provide HIGH-QUALITY information, education, plans, and motivation, and to be here as your cheerleader to help YOU find the solutions.

* You're going to learn how to eat differently.
* You're going to learn how to train, not just workout.
* You're going to learn how guard your inner dialogue with your life.
* You're going to learn how to pick yourself back up.
* You're going to learn from others who are also going through this experience.

I'll be honest--you'll have ups and downs. We all do in this life.

But  with the way I've constructed this challenge, you'll have EVERY opportunity of succeeding. YOU will be the one responsible to reach out, ask the right questions, and get involved in our online community.

So . . . if you're ready to take that leap of faith -- or maybe just that baby step -- let's talk more about the program logistics before you click that SIGN UP button.
P.S. the latest science reveals it takes 66 days to solidify a new habit. How cool is it that the 8-week Challenge is 56 days! You'll be JUST ABOUT THERE!
Give Yourself 8 Weeks to LEARN Strategic Nutrition, Fitness, and Mindset--SUCCESS FOR LIFE!
Still not sure?
Listen to what other Body Buddies Who Have Done My 8-Week Challenge Have To Say!
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