The Power Foods Lifestyle (PFL), created by Kristy Jo Hunt is an umbrella term describing many Nutrition Strategies that keep important principles for health in place.

 Some of these important principles include the following take-off points:
  • Eating veggies with every meal
  •  Pairing Protein with veggies at every meal for an anchor
  •  Eating hormone-free poultry, wild-caught fish 1-3 times per day in the size of your palm
  •  Eating grass-fed beef 1-3x/week
  •  Eating a minimum of 2 oz. avocado each day
  •  Eating a minimum of 1/2 cup olives each day
  •  Drinking a minimum of 70 oz. water each day
  •  Eating a serving of cruciferous vegetables each day.
  •  Eating 1-2 servings of dark, leafy greens each day.
  •  Eating at least one water-based vegetable each day.
  •  Taking 4 grams of fish oil, 400 mg Magnesium, and 5,000 iu D3 daily.
  •  Eating at least one whole, cage-free egg each day.
  •  Eating fruit in 1/2 cup portions no more than 2x/day.
  •  Using Stevia, raw honey, or fruit as sweetener only.
  •  Choosing an Abstainer or Moderator approach for indulgences.
The Power Foods Lifestyle principles can be lived at different intensities or seasons. Studying the Tiers will allow you to feel empowered to adjust your intensity at any point in time for your life and goals.

Most people will start at a Tier 1 which is healthier eating, then work their way into Tier 2 which is best for maintenance, longevity, and maximum energy. Tier 3 is where body composition shifts occur, and Tier 4 are "Trickle-Down" Principles which can be applied at any point in the journey that is right for YOU.
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