The Power Foods Lifestyle Academy
STOP Dieting and Start FUELING Your Body With Real Food.
It's Easier Than Ever With The #PowerFoodsLifestyle.
Early-Bird Pricing Going on Now Through 12/31/17.
Enrollment Deadline: 1/13/18.
Academy Begins 1/15/18.
  •  12-Week Video Education Course
  •  Proper Education on how nutrition actually works (without the hype!)
  •  Weekly Assignments and Tasks to help you apply what you learn.
  •  Recipes, Templates, Guides, and Charts
  •  How to feel Confident and Trust Yourself Again.
  •  Learn What Is Best for YOUR Body, Genetics, Emotions, and Goals.
  •  How To Treat Root Causes , Not Symptoms
  • Shed Body Fat Without Dieting! YES!
"One principle that has changed a lot for me and thinking about it is eating veggies. I always started a new "diet" dreading all the veggies I'd have to eat. But now I know I don't have to have a salad at every meal. For one meal, it can be half a cucumber . . . or a handful of baby carrots. These principles aren't hard if you don't over-complicate it."
-Lisle Peterson
The Power Foods Lifestyle Academy will be your 12-week Breakthrough into Re-Learning Nutrition the way you WISH it would have been taught to you from the beginning of your life!
Kristy Jo teaches you the science, strategy, and psychology, then helps you decide what is right for YOUR situation, goals, and body!
The PFL Academy will require 1-2 hours of your dedicated sit-and-learn time per week.  Your 12-week Course features realistic and doable assignments to help you make sustainble improvements over the next 12 weeks (and beyond!).
1. Complete the PFL Academy on your own time and from any location in the world (English-speaking)!

2. You will have the course for LIFE so you can return again and again to refresh and re-commit.

3. The PFL Academy is about Personal Empowerment. You're not following a Diet; instead, you're creating your OWN version of the Power Foods Lifestyle. You're not kissing any food goodbye! You're learning and stepping into a higher level of living!

4. The personability, rich information, and thoughtful presentation-- NO STONE REMAINS UNTURNED. Every question you have should be answered by the end of the PFL Academy.

5. You won't feel like a Failure! You're told it's OKAY to mess up, to eat the cookie, but not to get down on yourself; rather, to get back up and keep going! You feel accepted, NO shame, and are encouraged to get back up and just keep going! It feels amazing!
"This Academy is my 7 years+ of knowledge rolled into a 12-week course. Kristy Jo explains concepts and principles simply. 
She breaks it down so her clients can understand it for LIFE and not just be dependent on her."
-Deserae Lumpkins
Week 1
  •  Macronutrients' Environment
  •  Eating for Better Moods
  •  Adaptation for Families
  •  Defining Nutritional Strategy
Week 2
  •  Mastering Your Metabolism
  •  Fruits & Veggies: The Science
  •  Toxic Sugar & Inflammatory Impacts
  •  15 Daily Strategic Nutrition Principles
Week 3
  •  Meal Timing around your Workout
  •  Staying Ahead of Hunger
  •  Caloric Intakes for your Body & Goals
  •  Dining Out Portions & Strategy
Week 4
  • Managing Cravings
  • Beating Emotional Eating
  •  Indulgence Strategies
  •  Eliminating All-or-Nothing
Week 5
  • Insulin Resistance
  • Bloating and Water Retention
  • Bowel Movements & Gas
  •  Scale & Photo Progress Science
Week 6
  • Coffee, Energy Drinks, Soda, Hydration
  • Understanding Protein Powders
  • Supplements & Vitamins: Dos and Dont's
  •  Sweeteners, Green Drinks, Other Fads
Week 7
  • Tips for Food Prep Ease
  • Simple Recipe Swaps
  •  How to Never Waste Food Again
  •  Reading Nutrition Labels
Week 8
  • Social Situations & Navigating Them
  • Feelings of Deprivation
  • Disordered Eating vs. Eating Disorders
  •  Addiction & Habits Re-programming
Week 9
  • Anti-Inflammatory and FODMAP Diets
  • Should You Detox & How Often?
  • Gluten-Free / Dairy-Free
  • Veganism / Vegetarianism: What To Know
Week 10
  • Ketosis / Carb Cycling
  • Intermittent Fasting
  •  Paleo / Whole30 / Medifast
  •  HCG / Anorexia / Muscle Gains
Week 11
  • High Cholesterol / Blood Pressure / A1C
  • PCOS / Yeast Infections / Migraines
  •  Heart Disease / Acid Reflux /  Dementia
  •  Hypothyroidism / Allergies /Arthritis
Week 12
  • Putting All Knowledge into Action
  • Baseline Expectations & Psychology
  •  Your Personal Code of Commitment
  •  Where to Go From Here
"I have worked with Nutritionists before and achieved temporary success, but felt lost and alone once I was done working with them. They never trained my mind on the long-term sustainability and lifestyle change like Kristy Jo does. I never anticipated the amount of information and education I would get in the PFL Academy. Wow!"
-Marlene Tarpenning
Call me Coach, or just call me KJ.  I hope you've spent a lot of time with me in my FREE resources like my Facebook page, Podcast, or YouTube Channel. If so, you know I want the best for YOU.

I'm a Fitness Nutrition Specialist, Personal Trainer, Mindset Coach, Motivational Speaker, and Author of The Power Foods Lifestyle

I don't hold a Ph.D. in Nutrition. I am not a Registered Dietitian. I'm not a Medical Doctor. I'm not a Clinical Psychologist.

Yet, these are the very Professionals who refer their clients to me. 

You see, I am an expert at assimilating information, teaching it in a formula that is simple to understand and realistic to do, then psychologically and emotionally helping you gain confidence in yourself. 

This is why I'm called a Nutrition Strategist. 

After 15 years of  extreme disordered eating and exercising held my life hostage, I reached rock-bottom and was impelled to take control in 2012. Since that time (a whole story in itself that is ever ongoing) and the creation of my Body Buddies, I've been obsessed with becoming a Student of Nutrition and Psychology in efforts to improve myself day by day, and help each and every one of my students rise above their pasts as well.

Together, we can find solutions to ANY health challenge. I invite you to have trust in me, but most importantly to have trust in yourself. This is a REVOLUTIONARY APPROACH to nutrition that will change your life.
($55 Value FREE With Purchase!)
  • POWER MOTIVATION: This coaching module is one of the most powerful activities you will experience in helping you understand you are worth it. You will see why you must make the change. You will feel motivation and have a purpose when you complete this module with your open heart and mind. (Valued at $25)
  •  DINING OUT AND FAST FOOD GUIDE: This Guide is one of the BEST documents to have on your phone, or printed and kept in the console of your car as you are learning the principles of your Power Foods Lifestyle. This will guide you to more awareness of strategically ordering, knowing what you want, and help you recognize patterns of nutrient pairing that extend far beyond typical "clean eating" rules. (Valued at $10)
  •  VOLUME 3 RECIPE BOOK: This Recipe Book has the largest number of Treats and Desserts Recipes. This way, you can start your lifestyle change process with the Academy by incorporating better-for-you options and a few new favorites to start loving on. (Valued at $10)
  •  8-WEEK ACCOUNTABILITY WORKBOOK: This 8-week Workbook has been the companion of thousands of Body Buddies  in keeping them accountable, aware of their meals, portions, and daily goals. The concept is simple enough to do every day without it being overwhelming, yet enough information to keep you aware and focused on your current goals. (Valued at $10)
"There is no such thing as failure in the PFL Academy. 
It's okay to not be perfect! I truly believe this is for everyone to experience!"
-Jackie Stewart
Amy Walker, 40
Nevada, USA
Callan Weaver, 29
Tennessee, USA
Michelle Ulm, 34
Utah, USA
Deserae Lumpkins, 33
Texas, USA
Jackie Stewart, 50
Washington, USA
Amy Courtney, 31
Texas, USA
Beth Clark, 49
Pennsylvania, USA
If you can answer 'YES' to at least three of the statements below,
the Power Foods Lifestyle Academy is for YOU!
  •  1. I want to STOP being swayed by the latest trendy diets. I want to feel empowered to live a sustainable healthy lifestyle consistently.
  •  2. I want to GAIN CONFIDENCE in my ability to commit to improvements and stick with them. I want to earn my trust and integrity back.
  •  3. I want to MASTER MY EMOTIONAL TRIGGERS that lead to self-sabotage. I want to have the ability to keep food and emotions independent.
  •  4. I want to learn HOW to lose weight with my current health condition/hormonal challenge when it feels like nothing will work.
  •  5. I want to identify food sensitivities and learn how to eliminate them from my diet without feeling deprived or restricted.
  •  6. I want to STOP eating food in private because I'm ashamed, and START enjoying all foods in moderation while still reaching my goals.
  •  7. I want to CONTROL my food intake and stop overeating. I want to learn to eat in a way that helps balance my body and resets my hormones.
  •  8. I want to know HOW to teach my children and family about Healthy Eating. I want to learn how I can be the best example of this.
  •  9. I want to look in the mirror with confidence. I want to love who I am and stop judging myself so hard. I want to smile more!!
  •  10. I want to truly change my lifestyle. I want to know how to cook healthy, simple meals, grocery shop, food plan, and choose more wisely.
  •  11. I'm not really a "Whole Foods Store" or "Trader Joes" kinda person. I make do with what I can find at my local grocery store.
Imagine yourself with more energy from sun-up to sun-down.

Imagine yourself with the knowledge of what to eat when feeling fatigued, ornery, hungry, 

Imagine yourself with regular bowel movements and no tummy troubles.

Imagine yourself with no headaches.

Imagine yourself feeling trimmer, slimmer, and lighter.

Imagine your body confidence with your significant other.

Imagine your self-respect and trust in your behavior.

Imagine a life free of guilt and shame around food.

Imagine your knowledge of how food works in your body.

Imagine reaching your body goals while your friends are still "dieting."
Can I Do More Than One Lesson Per Week?
Each Lesson is available one week at a time. Even if you finish and feel ready to advance, I have designed the Academy in such a way for you to apply what you're learning. Knowledge is futile until it's applied, and it's critical that you master the art of repetition of new principles to program them into your automatic lifestyle. You will love this approach as it builds lesson upon lesson in your knowledge and confidence as your habits change.
Can I Access the Academy on Any Device?
The Academy is designed for Laptop, Desktop, or Tablet and will function best when you sit at a desk with a notebook. Plan to complete your lessons at the same time each week to ensure you complete the lessons in a timely manner. Plan 1-2 hours per week for the lessons. Assignments and other bonus audio recordings may take additional time, but may be completed throughout the week instead of while sitting as a student in front of your computer.
Does the Academy Price include Personal Interaction with you?
No. The Academy Base Price grants you access to over 30+ hours of education and training, assignments, and the most complete and sensical approach to nutrition you will have heard. (It wiill all finally makes sense!). If you wish to have personal interaction with me (I offer a weekly  video coaching call per week to help you strategize, commit, and find solutions for your exact situation), please purchase the upgrade price. For my high-level coaching packages, please click here to view pricing (these are only available with purchase of the Academy).
Can I Do The Academy if I'm Pregnant or Breastfeeding?
Yes! The Academy is an Education Course that will help you learn and apply principles that help you build the perfect strategy for yourself, no matter what phase of life you are in. You will also love the extra modules for moms of little ones with helpful tips and tricks for fatigue and even depression. In addition, there are modules on how to teach your children and family about the principles you're learning and applying as well!
What If I'm A Vegan or Vegetarian. Can I Still Complete the Academy?
Yes!  The Academy is an Education Course that will help you learn and apply principles that help you build the perfect strategy for yourself, no matter what preferences of eating you have. Now, don't blame me if I educate you back into a moderate amount of meat eating based on science! ;)
Does the PFL Academy Cover Fitness Education and Workouts Too?
While the PFL Academy is a Nutrition-focused training course and does not feature exclusive training on workouts, lifting, or exercise physiology, there are a few BONUS fitness pieces built into the Academy. Students will receive access to #CoachKristyJo's 10-Minute bodyweight workout fitness videos, her 7-Minute Power Workout, and access to her FREE YouTube channel with over 100 exercise demos for gym or home. Additionally, in Week 5 there is a Bonus webinar on putting together the ideal workout for the student.
Is there a Certification for this So I Can Coach Other People?
No. While you will be a graduate of the Acdemy and have SO much knowledge that you will be empowered to help others, the Academy does NOT certify you to become a coach. I have designed the Acdemy in such a way to empower you to be your best within the roles of your life and to empower others as you have the opportunity. If you wish to refer friends, family, or clients to the Academy, there is an Affiliate program that will give you a percentage of the purchase price for your recommendation. This is available by reaching out to [email protected].
Will I Be Able to Access the Academy even after I Graduate?
Yes! You can return again and again for a refresher on certain lessons or when you feel a season of life has shifted. The lessons are yours as a lifetime purchase!
What if I have a Quick Question for #CoachKristyJo? Can I Just Send A Quick DM?
Unfortunately, only students who have purchased the VIP Coaching Upgrade will have access to #CoachKristyJo (and only during appointed and scheduled video call sessions). Any messages sent (whether privately or posted publicly online) will be redirected to a resource where you might glean your answer, or you will be encouraged to schedule a one-time coaching call. Coaching Call rates may be obtained by emailing [email protected].
How Long Are the Weekly Coaching Session with Kristy Jo for the VIP Upgrade?
Video Coaching Sessions are 30 minutes in length each week. There is no outside interaction other than these video coaching sessions. Students should be available, seated, and focused for coaching sessions (it's okay if kids or family are with you), as late appointments or missed appointments cannot be made up. Sessions will not go over the scheduled time.
Will I be able to Succeed if I DON'T Purchase the VIP Coaching Upgrade with you?
Yes of course! The Academy is designed to help you succedd 100% whether or not we ever get to speak in person! Of course, I highly value that interaction with you and the opportunity to ask you the deep questions, help you think differently, and believe in yourself, BUT you will be able to succeed without it! I know it's an investment, but that is something many of my clients have felt made all the difference for them. If you have a hard time staying motivated, keeping yourself accountable, and picking yourself up when you all down, I highly recommend you figure out a way to make the upgrade happen. Your life, health, and future medical bills may be worth the investment in yourself.
Does the Academy Have A Refund Policy?
No refunds will be issued post-purchase. Purchase with the intent to start, continue, and finish the Academy. If you have purchased the VIP Coaching Upgrade phone calls, calls must be used within the 12-week period. No more than 2 calls per week may be used, and that is only if #CoachKristyJo's schedule allows. Missed calls that are not rescheduled using the confirmation link in your email may not be made up or refunded.
 Prices Go Up In 2018.
The Power Foods Lifestyle is a Registered Trademark of Body Buddies LLC. | Copyright 2017. All Rights Reserved

Body Buddies Programs take a LOT of work, so please only enroll in our programs if you believe in the "you'll get out of it what you put into it" mentality. We only want serious women who are dedicated to a true lifestyle change and obtaining a totally new way of thinking. As stipulated by law, we cannot and do not make any guarantees about your body and how much it will change with our ideas, information, tools, products, or strategies. We don't know you personally, and besides, your life and health results are up to you, right? While we can guarantee your satisfaction, we do not offer a money-back program. Once you purchase the Academy or the Coaching, it is your responsibility to ensure you show up, shape up, or ship out (with no refund). Body Buddies programs are for educational and informational purpose only and are not to substitute the advice from your primary health care physician. No results or examples mentioned by us or our students are typical or should be expected. Making decisions based on the education presented in our products, services, website, and education system should be done with the knowledge that you are responsible for your own health and you release all liability from Body Buddies. At the end of the day, nutrition, functional medicine, holistic living, and natural remedies for the body and health are all fully unproven and will forever be unproven. We simply apply what we can as new information comes out, seek to think critically, be objective,  do our research on information that is available, and hypothesize the best we can until we see the outcome from the body to then determine if we were correct or incorrect. That is the methodology of Body Buddies and Kristy Jo, and we encourage you to take the same stalwart perspective and approach toward your own body and health.