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Hi, my name is Kristy Jo Hunt. I'm a Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist and Personal Trainer. I've helped over 1,500 people completely transform their bodies!

Chances are you or someone you know is wanting to lose weight, but not in the old-fashioned diet way. Let's get rid of the starvation, bland food, crazed approaches and find a MAINTAINABLE weight loss solution!

I'm so serious about guiding you through the darkness to find these results and reach that healthier, happier lifestyle that I want to send you a FREE copy of my book,The Power Foods Lifestyle, Edition 2.

My mission is to help over 10,000 people transform their bodies. Just to show you that I mean it, I want to give you my book for FREE.
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Real World Results from 
The Power Foods Lifestyle & Body Buddies Clients:
Brittney C. lost 10 pounds and placed in the top 5 in three NPC bikini competitions! She is now a Body Buddies coach and loves sharing the principles that helped her change her body and her life!
Trent lost 10 pounds and experiences more discipline in every area of his life, including at work and in his spirituality. He loves how he feels!
Mike lost 18 pounds and loved eating the delicious PFL food! He found it easier to control cravings and loved feeling his metabolism increase to give him more energy.
Rachel lost 8 pounds and overcame disordered eating habits and a negative relationship with food! She now has a degree in Exercise Science and loves feeling in control without fearing food!
Here's A Glimpse Of What You'll Discover Inside The Book
''I have lost 10% body fat, and gained a good deal of muscle.''

“I am so glad I found Body Buddies. Not only do I feel better than I ever have, but I feel like I finally understand my body. Strange I know, that it has taken 34 years to figure it out, but better late than never. I have lost 10% body fat, gained a good deal of muscle, and I have saved quite a bit of money because I am not eating out all the time. Thank you so much!

- Monti W.

''It seemed that we just needed something more but did not know where to turn.''

“My husband and I have enjoyed eating healthily for many years, but we have not been able to reach our final goals. It seemed that we just needed something more but did not know where to turn.  When we read The Power Foods Lifestyle together we were able to see what we were doing wrong and what we were missing. With a little preparation every day we started eating better than before and we were able to reach our goals.  Now we have a lifestyle that works so well for us and our family.”

''I haven’t felt this great about myself and my health in years, even after having two kids!''

“The Power Foods Lifestyle is life changing! It tells you what kind of food to eat and how often to eat. It takes the guesswork out of eating healthy and balanced meals. Power Foods keep you energized throughout the day and feeling amazing!! I haven’t felt this great about myself and my health in years, even after having two kids! Thanks for answering my prayers.”

- Michelle F.

  • Chapter 1 - A Healthy Lifestyle is Maintainable
  • Chapter 2 - Mental Discipline
  • Chapter 3 - Setting goals
  • Chapter 4 - Macronutrients
  • Chapter 5 - Protein
  • Chapter 6 - Carbohydrates
  • Chapter 7 - Fats
  • Chapter 8 - Vegetables
  • Chapter 9 - Fruits
  • Chapter 10 - Meal Construction
  • Chapter 11 - Meal Timing
  • Chapter 12 - Portion Sizes
  • Chapter 13 - Indulgence Meal
  • Chapter 14 - Triple S - Sweeteners, Seasonings & Sauces
  • Chapter 15 - Supplements & Vitamins
  • Chapter 16 - Hydration
  • Chapter 17 - Maintenance & Miscellaneous Goals 
  • Chapter 18 - Helpful Tidbits
  • Chapter 19 - Pursuit of Perfection
  • Chapter 20 - Conclusion
Plus, you get this bonus training 100% FREE!
3-Hour Online Workshop With My Most Inner-Circle Clients

Get your copy of the book now and you receive a 3-HOUR long online workshop I did for my inner-circle clients.

''No Question Left Behind:" my goal was to have a 45-minute online training where I gave a bit of training and answered a few questions.

But these clients wanted more, so I kept going, sharing tips and tricks and answering any and all questions that were voiced. It was great! Everybody left the webinar relieved and armed with the tools to make this a maintainable lifestyle.

Inside Of This FREE Book, The Power Foods Lifestyle, Are A Few Of These Learning Points You'll Be Given For FREE...
  • How I Went From  Horrific Binge-Eating Episodes of Anywhere From 5,000-10,000 Calories in a Single Sitting - Pages 2-5
  • To Competing in 3 Women's (Body) Figure Competitions, Placing in the Top 3 in Just  8 Short Weeks – All While Doctors Told Me I’ll Be Confined to a Wheelchair at 40 (I Smartened THEM Up) – Pages 2-5
  • The 1 True Key to Fixing Your Body and Improving Your Behavior - Page 8
  • The 1 Thing You Must Do to Avoid Subconsciously "Rejecting" Your Weight Loss / Fitness Efforts - Page 10
  • The 5 Structural Keystones of Living a Power Foods Lifestyle (Skip More Than 1 of These, and Fall Back Into Yo-Yo Dieting) - Page 15 
  • How to Change the Pattern of Your Thoughts - From Negative, and Limiting to Positive and Limitless (And Stop Eating Pizza and Brownies When You Know You Shouldn't) - Page 17 
  • The Danger of Not Being Aware of Your Emotions on a Moment-by-Moment Basis- Page 18
  • How Looking in the Mirror While Dressing and Thinking to Yourself- “Ughh. I Look Fat in This”… Leads to Negativity in Your Day, Which Leads to Making Poor Food Choices Later That Same Day, Thereby Perpetuating Your Weight Struggles (And What to Do About It)- Page 18
  • The Thoughts You Must Avoid/Re-frame That Lead to a Landslide of Negative Emotions - Page 20
  • The Deceptively Simple Cause of “Emotional Eating” (Understanding This Will Change EVERYTHING) - Page 21
  • The Obstacle That Pops Up for Most people in Their Weight Loss Journey, and How to Deal With It (Arming Yourself With This Knowledge Is Like Bringing Supplies to a War - Completely Necessary) - Page 21
  • Some Subtle Forms of Negative Opposition From Other People to Prepare for Effectively - and What You Must NEVER Do to Them- Page 22
  • The Things That People Who Aren’t Part of Your Journey Won’t Understand - and How to Handle Them- Page 23
  • The One Thing You MUST Do With Your Closest Friends and Loved Ones That Will LET Them Help, Understand and Support You - Page 24
  • Why “I’m Just Too Busy” Is the Most Common and Destructive EXCUSE in Not Just Your Healthy Eating Habits, but Your Entire Life- and 3 Proven Strategies to Deal With It Effectively (This ONE Trick/tactic Will Completely Change Your Life) - Page 24
  • How Stress Makes You Hungry - and How to Fix This- Permanently - in Just 5-10 Minutes a Day-Page 25
  • How to Fuel Your Body So Strategically, That the INSTANT You Start Emotionally Triggered Eating - You’ll Know - Page 25
  • The Programming You've Received That Makes It Almost Impossible to Reach the Goals You Continually Set - Page 34
  • The Biggest Problem With Focusing on Results Instead of Behavior - How This Devastates Your Body, Leads to Yo-Yo Dieting, Fat Storage, and the #1 Thing to Focus on Instead - Page 35
  • The 4 Categories to Set Goals in That Work Synergistically- Page 36
  • Why You Should Set Goals for the Maximum Amount of Weight You Want to Lose in a Month! - Page 37
  • How to Identify Your Emotional Triggers and Obstacles and Prevent (Or Re-Program) Each From Happening- Page 37
  • What to Say to Yourself When You See a Fit Person Instead of Telling Yourself You're Fat. (Page 38)
  • 7 Things You MUST Think About Every Time You Set Goals to Make Sure They Come to Reality (Most People Never Do This, and Sabotage Themselves or Give Up Every Time )- Pages 36-39
  • How to Virtually GUARANTEE Success on Every/any Goal You Set for Yourself (You've NEVER Seen This Before) - Pages 37-40
  • The Biggest *Absurd* Lie Mainstream Media/marketing Tells You About Calories. - Page 41
  • The Hilariously Simple Trick to Never Call Yourself "Fat" Again, and How It Will Make You Happier Than Ever Before - Page 41
  • The Single Biggest Truth You Will EVER Realize About Calories. This Will Completely Change the Way You Eat - and Almost NO-ONE Else Is Talking About It!!! Page 42
  • Why Getting Your Panties in a Twist About the Calories in Fat Is Completely Wrong - Page 44
''It's becoming part of who you are--not just a 'diet' but a lifestyle.''
"I'm more satisfied after eating and I wake up with more energy.''
''Putting good 'fuel' into your body is important for it to function at its best!"

"When Kristy Jo agreed to be my sponsor for the Miss International pageant, she was very clear that not only was she sponsoring me as a trainer, but she also wanted me to follow her Power Foods Lifestyle.  I have learned so much since working with Kristy Jo!  Her book, The Power Foods Lifestyle, is easy, fun reading that makes it clear why you want to eat healthy and that putting good 'fuel' into your body is important for it to function at its best!"

Alexis Schmid

''I tried a bunch of things; nothing really seemed to work though''

“Throughout this experience my knowledge
about what we put in our bodies and the effect it has on them has grown immensely. Ever since I had my baby I had been searching for something to help me get rid of the excess baby fat.  I tried a bunch of things, nothing really seemed to work though.  I have absolutely loved everything about the power foods lifestyle and the way I have felt since I started working with you! It's crazy how much more energy you have by just putting the right things in your body. I have learned so much by reading your book and from all your Instagram and Facebook posts! It has truly been a great experience and I'm so glad I have been able to work with you!”

Jorri Sparks

''I've noticed a major difference! Not only in how my body looks, but how I have energy all day!''

“I am a lot happier! I feel more confident as well :) I learned a lot about nutrition and meal timing, I used to starve myself and then scarf everything in sight for dinner! I now know to have a healthy meal every 3 hours :) I've noticed a major difference! Not only in how my body looks but how I have energy all day!

- Aubrey Hanson

It was amazing how fast the fat melted away once I was eating correctly.”

“I learned what kind of fuel I need to give my body to keep the "furnace" going, and the reason why I haven't been able to lose weight is because I was eating too much fat all day long. It was amazing how fast the fat melted away once I was eating correctly.”

Dianne Knight

…. and that’s only the first 44 pages!!
This book is chock full of hundreds more “golden nuggets” like this with 200 pages!
Paper back copy of ''The Power Foods Lifestyle, Edition 2''

The Power Foods Lifestyle teaches you how to shed unwanted body fat and decrease the risk of chronic disease while increasing energy levels. This scientifically based method is designed to regulate blood sugar levels, allowing your body to remain in an optimal fat-burning state throughout the day by eating real, natural foods and strategizing the use of Power Proteins, Power Carbohydrates, and Power Fats. As you implement the full Power Foods Lifestyle, you will see a dramatic change in your physical appearance, mental discipline, energy levels and overall health.

Digital Copy of ''The Power Foods Lifestyle, Edition 2''

Can't wait to dig deep and get started? We understand--that's why we give you a digital copy you can read on your computer or tablet. You can hit the ground running while your book is being shipped!

FREE Bonus: Online Training With Some Of My Inner Circle Clients 

Get access to a private workshop with some of my inner circle clients.

We did a 3-hour long Q&A where we discussed some really great strategies that will fill in the blanks of any questions that may arise in the future for you.

+ We go over some tactics that are NOT even discussed inside the book.

There Is No Catch!
There's no catch. 

I'm doing this because Body Buddies and this method of eating has had some amazing success. As people continue transforming their body--but most importantly, their mind and relationship with food--I want to spread the word.

It's my mission to make an impact in this world by helping 10,000 people in a small way.

All I need for you to do is help with shipping and handling charges and help me spread the word if you like the book.
Special Bonus For The First 1,000 People Who Order Their Free Copy Of The Power Foods Lifestyle, Edition 2
For the first 1,000 people who pick up a copy of the book today, I am also going to GIVE you access to... A Private Online workshop I did for 20 of my Inner-Circle clients, valued at $47.
  • The Difference With a Moderator And an Abstainer And Why 90% Of People Fall In Either One Of the Buckets And How To Respond To It.
  • The Apps And Tools You Can Use To Remind Yourself When To Eat And Measure And Improve Your Lifestyle By Automated Accountability
  • The Triple S: Sauces, Sweeteners, and Seasonings that you'll want to employ as you embark on this journey to eating real POWERFUL foods. They'll taste great, too!
  • Carb Cycling, Low-Carb, and other Strategies to Manipulating Body Composition.
  • Why There Is NO Such Thing As Perfection What Do When You Stray The Path And How To Keep Going With The Same Motivation.
  • And So Much More...
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