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Burn Fat & Reach Your Goal Weight with PFL Cyclical Keto!
What is Cyclical Keto, and why is it good to do following a Round of Keto?
Cyclical Keto is a combination of using Ketogenic approaches with a strategized and moderated higher carb day every few days. This strategy keeps carbohydrate intake low and controlled enough that a person can easily get back into Keto, or at the very least, still get the body composition shifting benefits of a low carb eating style.

Cyclical Keto, or the PFL Keto Challenge Phase 2, is a fantastic way to slowly ease into eating moderated carbs while still reaching your goals. Many of our Challengers find this is the most sustainable form of "diet" for them and they fall in love with it!

Anyone can do Phase 2 whether or not they have completed Phase 1!

What is KETO?

Keto is a nickname for the Ketogenic Diet with is built on high fat, moderate protein, and low carbohydrate intake. The restriction of carbohydrates shifts your metabolism into burning fat for fuel rather then carbs (glucose). 

This method of eating can be the most powerful transformational method of resetting hormones, reversing disease, improving brain function, and losing body fat quickly WHEN DONE CORRECTLY.

Keto is 100% a Power Foods Lifestyle strategy, as first publicly announced in the Body Buddies Podcast on December 17, 2015. Many Body Buddies clients have reached their goals following Kristy Jo's PFL Keto meal plan design.

While this method of eating is NOT for everyone, it can be miraculous for the right individual. Body Buddies will guide you through the correct application of the science as well as determining if Keto is for you or not. Read more below.
Who is the 28-Day Keto Phase 2 Challenge For?
Women & Men who wish to BURN BODY FAT AWAY & Reset their Hormones while still eating Low Carb without pushing SOO hard into Keto.
Women & Men who want to kick their junk food habits to the curb, focus on eating REAL FOOD, and learn strategies of using carbs correctly in timing intervals!
Women & Men who are committed to food prep and planning ahead. Those willing to step up to care for themselves!
If currently taking a medication, speak to your Physician about how low-carb eating will affect your RX before joining this Challenge.
Who is the 28-Day Keto Challenge NOT For?
Women & Men with any stage of Diabetes, pre-existing liver, pancreatic, or kidney conditions.
Women who are Nursing or are currently Pregnant or have Gestational Diabetes.
Women & Men who are experiencing eating disorders of any nature.
What Will You Eat?
Weekly Menus are provided with calculated macronutrients, calories, cooking, and portion adjustment instructions. They are available for Challenge Participants the Friday evening prior to each new week. Menus are available for one week only. The menu remains the same for all 7 days of each week to minimize food prep, reduce grocery store expenditures, and lower anxiety levels of those Challengers who tend to overthink ;). This is how we get RESULTS for you.
Cyclical Keto offers the fat-burning and insulin-reducing benefits of low carb eating while offering the health-building and psychological benefits of eating healthy complex carbs in moderated amounts from time to time.

It is one of THE most powerful body composition shifting strategies of weight loss at Body Buddies!
Weekly Meal Plan and Macros for Intermittent Fasting AND 6 Meals/Day Eating Styles
($99 Value)
The weekly meal plan is adapted for two eating styles: 1) 6 meals/day, and 2) Intermittent Fasting (8-hour Eating window). Using the provided approved foods list, you will find it simple and fun to make exchanges and try new styles of making the meals. Photos are provided of every meal you will be assigned, along with ingredients and preparation instructions. Total daily macros (protein, carbohydrates, and fats) along with calories are also provided with the percentages of total daily intake. 
Video Demos for Meals Each Week
($49 Value)
Each meal on your weekly menu will have a short 60-second demonstration  video showing you just how easy and simple it is to make the meals! You will have no questions about HOW to cook a food and gain confidence in your own cooking abilities along the way!
Weekly New Treat/Dessert Recipe
($19 Value)
This treat will be your HAPPIEST way to enjoy Keto without blowing the gasket on your macros like too many people do in Keto!! The goal is not just eating high fat, but keeping calories in control to help facilitate fat loss!
Cyclical Keto Education Videos
($97 Value)
You will feel 100% educated and ready to take on Keto with the simple Keto Education Academy located on the inside of the Challenge. In the week before the Challenge starts, 2-3 trainings will be uploaded daily. The Academy will be complete by the Challenge start date and you can review the Academy at any time during the Challenge.
Private Support Community for Motivation
($97 Value)
Come make new online BODY BUDDIES. Reach your goals by sharing and using the motivation of others to get, and keep, you going. The private online group is a gathering place for all in the Challenge to talk to one another, support each other, and post questions or experiences along the way. This forum is not the place to get support and answers to questions from Kristy Jo. These questions should be addressed in personalized coaching calls, which are available at a Buy One Get One Free upgrade following your registration for this Challenge.
Weekly Grocery List for Easy Shopping
($49 Value)
(PDF DOWNLOAD--PRINT IT OUT OR SCREENSHOT FOR YOUR PHONE) This weekly grocery list will tell you EXACTLY what to buy each week. It is recommended for best results, consistency, ease on your budget, and follow-through that you follow the same meal plan for all 7 days before your next week. If you need variety, you can add that in! The grocery list is broken up in to categories: Produce, Meat/Eggs, Inner Aisles, Seasonings, and Items to get Online or at a Health Food Store.
ENHANCED FOODS LISTS (including helpful Fast-Grab products and Dining Out Options)
28-Day Foundational Fitness Plan
(PDF DOWNLOAD--PRINT AND PUT IN YOUR 3-RING BINDER). This program is for those who are TOTALLY new to the gym and working out, or who need a solid plan to help them get back on track. While you may or may not feel like working out during the first week of adapting to Keto, you should be feeling GREAT by Day 7-11 at the latest and ready to start moving your body.  This 28-day plan will have you working out 4 days/week with a Push, Pull, Lower Body, and Mobility Day with weights. Your 5th day will be spent in Functional Fitness. 
Believe in yourself and you're halfway there. 
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