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by Kristy Jo Wengert, CPT/FNS, Author of The Power Foods Lifestyle nutrition bookline
When you are dealing with any condition in the body, it is important to first look to the gut as a potential root cause. 

Recent studies are finding with shocking speed that the gut, or microbiome--eco-center of trillions of microbiota and bacteria--are the captain of the health ship for your body. Diet plays a fundamental role in shaping your microbiome composition and function. 

Microbial activities in your gut can influence your mental, physical, and even emotional health as it regulates the balance between health and disease. Looking at the design of your food choices each day will make the greatest impact on your health, beyond what conventional medicine can do for you.
You need to take this journey with THREE DIET PHASES to begin healing your gut.
  • Each Phase is 28 days long (4 weeks)
  • ​Completing all three phases will help you lose weight, heal your gut, and finally feel great in your body again.
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what is leaky gut?
While more Americans are affected by less-than-optimal diet choices, chronic stress, and toxic overload, a condition called ‘Leaky Gut’ has been on the rise. The correlation between this condition and the alarming rise in statistics of symptoms is uncontended. Though it has taken years for the medical community to begin acknowledging the condition, the sooner you open your perspective to its reality and impact on your whole-body health, the faster you will find lasting results and alleviation of those symptoms in your body.

“All disease begins in the gut.” -Hippocrates

Your intestines are covered with a protective layer of epithelial cells that are linked together tightly. In fact, it is found that over 40 different proteins play a role in this protection. In a well-functioning gut, this protective layer serves as a barrier between your intestines and your bloodstream. These tight junctions have two jobs while regulating their permeability:

 1) Allow key nutrients to enter the bloodstream, being absorbed from the food you eat
 2) Dis-allow toxic chemicals, yeast, bacteria, and even parasites from entering the bloodstream.

If these tight junctions of the intestinal protective layer are too permeable, #2 occurs and tiny particles that should never have entered your bloodstream are granted entrance. This presents quite the problem as it is found nearly 80% of the immune system lies directly outside the gut wall.

What would the consequence be of bad particles that should not be passing through the gut wall getting through, and disrupting the immune system as well as getting into the blood stream that circulates the entire body, including crossing the blood-brain barrier?

Inflammation--the root of nearly all disease.

Science is continuously working to reveal the ultimate causes of Leaky Gut and an increased permeability. Surely the future will unveil many more solutions, but what we do know and have control over is clear:
  • Toxin Overload
  • Drug and Prescription Use
  • Alcohol Use
  • Pesticides
  • Synthetic Cleaning Products
  • Synthetic Cosmetic Products
  • Synthetic Body Products
  • Pollution
  • Mold
  • Poor Diet
  • Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)
  • Refined, hydrogenated Oils
  • Added sugar
  • Synthetic Food additives
  • Conventional Dairy products
  • Bacterial Dysbiosis (imbalance)
  • Ibuprofen Use
  • Antibiotic Use
  • Chronic Stress
  • Unmanaged Emotions
  • Sleep Mismanagement
Looking at the list above, we can begin to make a great difference in your body just by focusing these areas: 
cleaning up your diet, implementing gut balancing techniques, and finding solutions for chronic stress.
Are you the perfect candidate for this Journey through the Phases?
  • You get sick frequently (at least once per month)
  • You have digestive health issues
  • ​You have been diagnosed with Hypothyroidism
  • ​You frequently bloat and have flatulence
  • ​You have more than 20 pounds of body fat to lose
  • ​You have acne or eczema
  • ​You have high cholesterol
  • ​You have high blood pressure
  • ​You have high Hemoglobin a1C numbers
  • ​You have chronic pain
  • ​You experience brain fog and memory decline
  • ​You have experienced rapid weight gain recently
If you say 'YES' to 2+ statements above, the Journey through Phase 1, 2, and 3 is the BEST HEALTHY PROTOCOL you can do to work on this naturally!
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